Ministries and outreach opportunities

BBA Kids

A ministry that seeks to serve the new generation, through activities such as games, theatre, camps and Bible study. Communicating in a language that our children find easy to understand, BBA Kids aims to bless them during their unique time of growth and development. Through dynamic and fun activities, BBA Kids will teach children biblical principles and values that will accompany them well into adulthood. "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6 (KJV)

Community Classes

In an informal setting, students can participate in different classes, free of charge, while they brush up on skills needed for life in Canada, including practising the English language (vocabulary, pronunciation, basic grammar) and HTML.  These classes are provided as a service to the Latin American community and offered on a monthly basis.

BBA Outdoors
Because our physical health is important too! Whether it be hiking, cycling, playing soccer or just walking through one of Burnaby's many beautiful parks, we participate together, not in competition, but by encouraging one another. We should care for ourselves in all aspects of our life: mental, spiritual, emotional and also physical. This reflects what we as a church believe: that our walk with Jesus should be complete. It means dedicating time to develop a healthy lifestyle. So come join us for a time of friendship, where it's not about reaching the finish line first but rather reaching it together
Coffee break groups
In the midst of our busy lives, it's important to stop, think, reflect and then act. It's vital to pause and ask ourselves where we are going with our lives. That's why we promote small groups: time amongst friends to share about our difficulties, achievements and challenges. Seeing our lives by the light of God's Word will help us find answers, encouragement and be motivated towards a new birth. In an informal setting, we can meditate on our responsibility as Christians and equip our lives with the principles that Christ taught.
BBA Family
BBA Family Events encompasses activities, workshops and moments of fellowship that the whole family can enjoy and benefit from. Our motivation is the pursuit of genuine familiar unity, healthy relationships and clear, objective communication. Established in biblical principles and values, it is possible for us to strengthen the most important social circle we have, our family.
Bible Study
Utilizing the inductive method to learn in a systematic way, as readers, we are challenged to approach the biblical message through investigation of the context and its meaning. We pour over the Bible with the objective of not just discovering the georaphy, history, time, etc. but also with the greatest objective of all: achieving a radical change in our lives.

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